Do you want to contribute to a better Netherlands? And work at a large organization with an enormous diversity of activities? Do you consider service to be of paramount importance? Do you want to get opportunities and create opportunities to develop yourself; professionally and personally? Then working at the Tax and Customs Administration is for you!

Working as an accountant or audit officer at the tax authorities.

Making sure everyone contributes to something for all of us. That's what we do.

The Tax and Customs Administration not only levies taxes, but also carefully checks whether citizens and companies pay enough. In the dynamic playing field of tax audits, you, as an accountant or audit officer, are immediately given a lot of responsibilities and you gain valuable tax knowledge. And in this way you contribute to a financially healthy Netherlands.

Discover what you can do.

As an audit officer you are widely deployable in the field of tax supervision. For example, you do book or company research and you keep an eye on current events within certain industries. You will work closely in teams with various experts, such as accountants, tax specialists and IT auditors. You keep diving into different cases and you also visit different organizations.

As an accountant you have a responsible task within the audit. With your expertise you can specialize in a tax resource, such as income or corporate tax. Or in a specific topic, such as transfer pricing. Do you want to further develop your leadership qualities or enter the professional field? You will also find plenty of audit staff and accountants at the Tax and Customs Administration who have developed into managers or (national) technical coordinators.

Traineeship accountancy.

Have you just finished your HBO or WO bachelor's degree in accountancy, finance & control or similar? And do you want to work and obtain your RA title? Then the traineeship accountancy of the Tax and Customs Administration is your perfect career start. During this process you will work and learn at the same time and you will be prepared to become a chartered accountant at the tax authorities.

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