The association

The association continues to grow and now has almost 900 members. The ESV introduces its members to the business world, but the association also offers all kinds of services to make studying easier and more enjoyable.

The association organizes all kinds of activities in collaboration with both Radboud University and its external contacts. If you want more information about cooperation or if you are a member and have questions, please contact the XXXVrd board or visit the ESV room. In addition, follow the ESV on FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn.


The ESV offers formal activities that reflect contemporary economic developments. These are also offered with a view to career opportunities for the student. This is done by organizing lectures, excursions and in-house days at various companies and institutions. In the study-related area, the ESV is responsible for providing summaries and we have agreements with a tutoring platform.

In addition, it organizes various (sports) activities, parties, drinks and an annual study trip where companies are visited. Both within the Dutch borders and beyond, the student is involved in economics in practice. Through active membership, where students can participate in a committee, students are involved in the organization of all these activities and are given the opportunity to gain experience.

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