Pecunia Causa

February 15th, 2023
Pecunia Causa
Pecunia Causa

Pecunia Causa was founded in 2009 by enthusiastic members of the ESV who wanted to experience how investing works 'in real life'. 

Despite the separation from ESV, the ties between both associations are still very strong. This was also evident on Thursday, February 9th, during the joint activity. The activity kicked off with an enthusiastic game of bowling at Olround, followed by an economically oriented pub quiz. Of course, we ended the evening with a beer (or several).

Do you find it interesting to learn more about investing in an approachable way? Then it's definitely worth coming by during one of the monthly Pecunia meetings (see: During these meetings, we delve into the latest news about the world economy, review the status of our own portfolio, and listen to one or two presentations about the purchase or sale of a stock. The gatherings are laid-back. If you're interested in investing but haven't started yet, feel free to drop by as well. Additionally, deep discussions often arise about the news or different companies. This makes it accessible to everyone (regardless of your field of study), while still being educational!

At Pecunia Causa, you can genuinely learn about investing, but there's a catch. Each member can make a one-time purchase for the value of our stock at that moment. When you leave the association, you'll receive back the value (hopefully more than when you bought in) of your investment!

We hope to see some new faces at our next meeting on March 7, 2023! If you have any questions, you can address them to Sjors by emailing

Jelmer Tiemessen
PR Coordinator Pecunia Causa

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