End of the Year flashback from the Chairman

August 8th, 2023
Philip Alexander de Haan
End of the Year flashback from the Chairman

Dear ESV Members,

As the chairman, I would like to reflect on the past year. A turbulent year. A year that I will never forget. A year in which, as a board, with the endless dedication of the 15 organizing committees, we always tried to create enjoyable activities and trips. A year in which the “control” bodies (GDPR committee, Audit Committee, and the Council of Advice) demonstrated their invaluable worth to the ESV. A year that began during the sun-drenched introduction week, where the new generation of first-year ESV students immediately showed their qualities; curiosity, solidarity, and above all, great ‘gezelligheid’. While older students were still enjoying the Costa del Sol, friendships for life were formed during the introduction week. As an association, we are incredibly proud that through organizing activities, we could contribute (hopefully) to this bonding experience.

After a week of making New Year’s resolutions about the courses to follow in the first block, it was finally time on September 14, 2022, for the traditional first activity of the year: the ESV Pool Night, followed by the ESV Drink at the Bieb. After a record number of enthusiastic participants in the pool games, another record was shattered. The first free keg of the year was emptied at the Bieb in a breathtaking 6 and a half minutes. With such a successful first evening, you knew right away that this was going to be a fantastic year.

Following the enjoyable (pre-)master dinner and the first-year students’ dinner, which allowed members to get to know each other in a relaxed setting, it was time for the next tradition: the ESV Pub Crawl. We momentarily forgot about the hectic first weeks of the semester because I can assure you that it was so much fun in the various groups that unfortunately not everyone made it to the last pub (the Bieb). After the XXXIVth board was congratulated by other boards and former boards on an exciting evening at Bar Ruig, the year truly began. To help the different ESV members within the committees get to know each other better, a committee members’ activity was organized at the beginning of the year for the first time, and it was a success. During the Crazy 44, committee members showed no shame after filling their stomachs with a delicious burrito. This allowed you to get to know each other even better, and likewise, we got to know you better. Then it was time for what is so important for a study association; offering economically focused activities to students interested in economics. It was time for the annual Accounting Dinner Rouler! At this event, ESV members had the opportunity to have dinner and talk with representatives from various accountancy firms. A unique chance to explore different companies. After a successful Beer Pong tournament organized by the first-year committee, it was time for the famous ESV Introduction Weekend: ‘What happens in Hunsel, stays in Hunsel’. After several interesting and enjoyable formal and informal activities towards the end of 2022, it was time for a well-deserved Christmas vacation. Directly after the exam week following that vacation, the ESV Ski Trip took place. A group of 23 ESV students and two external guests traveled to the beautiful Saint-Sorlin d’Arves for a fantastic 10-day ski trip. Everyone had a different story; some were experienced skiers, while others had never been on skis. But what brought everyone together after delightful skiing adventures was a cold beer at the bottom of the slopes. It was an unforgettable trip that ended well, except for a little piece of the RvA chairman’s tooth that still lies somewhere in La Grotte de Yeti for the enthusiast.

Following successful Inhouse days, fun pub quizzes, good bowling nights, and an escape boat, the following top trip was already on the horizon. A record number of ESV members set off for the annual excursion, this time to the port city of Hamburg. The excursion committee organized a wonderful weekend with activities such as a boat trip, pub crawl, pub quiz, city tour, and Crazy 88. German beer always tastes good, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, during the year, there are always unexpected and unwanted events. A year overview wouldn’t be complete without mentioning those points. In February, a situation arose that had a significant impact on the entire XXXIVth board’s continuation. As a result, Niels stepped down as chairman on March 10, 2023, and I took over his responsibilities with the interest of the association in mind. In the following week, it became clear that this step still resulted in an unpleasant situation, especially for the association and also for Niels himself. Therefore, he decided to entirely withdraw as a board member of the ESV. I still want to thank Niels for his dedication to this association, despite various circumstances in his life. It didn’t all go as he expected or hoped, but his efforts were appreciated.

On April 6, 2023, we, as a board, received the terrible news that a first-year ESV member and student of Economics and Business Economics had passed away. Moos was still in the prime of his life, and it came to an abrupt end. At times like these, the world stands still, and our thoughts go out to the family, acquaintances, and friends. Therefore, we decided to cancel all activities in the following week and go dark. When an ESV member is lost due to such a tragic event, we all feel it. Once again, our thoughts are with everyone who knew Moos and held him dear.

Although in this challenging period, there were two more sad losses in the private lives of two board members, as a board, we always tried to radiate positivity to the members. We always aimed to create the best atmosphere possible during activities, and we hope we succeeded. I would like to thank my board and everyone who provided support.

One thing is sure, these events did not deter the upcoming XXXVe board, whom we are extremely proud of, from applying for the new board. In secret, they demonstrated their best during the applications, and on May 19, they were finally able to announce that they will be on the board of the most beautiful association in the Netherlands next year; the Economic Student Association Nijmegen. Good luck next year. There is a lot of trust in your abilities.

Two weeks before that, the members who were present showed their best side by setting up a wonderful Batavierenrace in stages from Nijmegen to Enschede. What champions! For some, it was a tough wake-up on Sunday because one of the highlights of the year awaited them at 7:00 AM at Nijmegen Central Station. The train to Rotterdam-The Hague Airport for a flight to beautiful Scotland. As many as 30 ESV members were ready to enrich themselves formally, culturally, and socially in Glasgow and Edinburgh for a whole week. Just like in Hunsel, ‘What happens in Scotland, stays in Scotland.’ I can only assure you that it was an amazing week, and the two accompanying teachers fit perfectly into the group. Thanks, Albert de Vaal and Rinze Hartman! I also want to thank the study trip committee again, who, with only four committee members this year, organized a study trip of the same high quality as previous years, bravo! I invite everyone to travel with us next year, and I recommend considering a position on this challenging committee.

The final major event of the year, the ESV Gala, took place at the prestigious Waagh on May 25, 2023. A Royal ESV Soirée to remember. It was a fantastic mix of students from different years in our association, which made the board very proud. The pictures speak for themselves, what a night it was. I’m also proud to say that nobody fell down the stairs during this edition, despite the necessary alcoholic indulgences. Thank you, gala committee!

As end-of-year activities, we also organized two delightful events in the form of beer cycling and the summer cantus. We hope that everyone enjoyed these activities and that it leaves you eager for more activities next year.

I want to thank all members for their presence at both formal and informal events during the academic year 2022-2023. Additionally, I want to extend my gratitude once again to all committees and especially the committee chairpersons for their dedication; without you, the association wouldn’t be the same.

As I mentioned at the beginning; it was an eventful year in which all members contributed to creating enjoyable moments together, alongside their busy studies. I am incredibly proud of our Economic Student Association.

On behalf of the XXXIVth board of ESV Nijmegen,

Philip Alexander de Haan

Chairman 2022-2023

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