End of the year

June 30th, 2022
Eline Meiberg
End of the year

Dear ESV'er,

What a great year we've had again. Despite the many corona uncertainties, we all made sure that we could still meet (safely). While at the beginning of the year we still had to deal with end times of 00:00 or even 17:00, the turnout for activities was still very large. Simply put, everyone felt like getting the most out of student life after a long period of corona restrictions.

This year the association had 17 filled committees and bodies, where everyone did their utmost to create something beautiful. Think of the study trip that this year had Rome & Florence as its destination. We have been on the road for a week with 30 enthusiastic ESV'ers to enjoy the art and culture that Rome & Florence have to offer. In addition, we also went to Bruges and Ghent for a weekend, where the culture was also discovered here, with the number one of course being the specialty beer that Belgium has to offer. Finally, the gala committee has ensured that a lustrum gala could still take place this year. This evening started with a delicious dinner at Stadvilla Sonsbeek and ended with a party until the late hours.

The ESV has also been active in the sporting field this year. Firstly, we participated in the Batavierenrace with a team of 25 fanatical runners. After this event had not taken place for a while, everyone was looking forward to it again. We can count ourselves lucky with the 96th place. In addition, the ESV also participated in the internal football competition of the uni, where a lot of fanatics fought for the win.

Finally, we were also able to organize a lot of formal activities last year. The highlight for us was the congress that took place in the Goffert Stadium. It was an afternoon with interesting speakers who put the economy in a broader perspective. We also visited PwC and Deloitte for a day to learn more about the accountancy profession. Finally, a Golf Clinic was also organized with the SRA.

All this is a small selection of what has been organized in the past year. Activities that we can be proud of and that were simply very enjoyable and educational. For this reason I would once again like to thank all active members for the commitment they have shown within their committee. But of course also all members who have visited our formal and informal activities!

On behalf of the XXXIIIth board of ESV Nijmegen,

Elaine Meiberg

Chairman 2021-2022

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