Internship or graduation at KroeseWevers?

Working at KroeseWevers means working on your professional and personal development. We think it is important that you do what you like and what you are good at! Will you be employed by KroeseWevers after your internship or graduation period? Then we offer you as a young professional, a development program. You will be in charge of your development journey in which you will search for your talents, wishes and ambitions with the help of professional trainers.

Together you are stronger

During your internship or graduation you will learn your trade in practice. And of course you prefer to do this in a place where you can gain as much experience as possible. Where you can learn from colleagues who have been around for many years and where colleagues see you as an asset and really take the time for you. And in a place where you are constantly challenged to get the best out of yourself. How nice would it be if the organization where you are going to do an internship or where you are going to graduate, is also your future employer? At KroeseWevers we like to keep talent on board.

People first at KroeseWevers

KroeseWevers is a growing organization with 8 branches in the north and east of the Netherlands. With a fantastic team of more than 400 people, we advise and support customers. We do this with great passion and pleasure and for more than 40 years.

At KroeseWevers you will end up in a professional organization with a pleasant working atmosphere. We work customer-oriented, quality-oriented and result-oriented. We do this in a people-oriented way: based on trust and with a positive approach. We like to talk to each other in order to become even better from a connection. We believe that everyone does his or her job with the best intentions and that by really talking to each other we arrive at new insights. In short, we believe in working together, learning together and growing together.

Will you be doing an internship or graduation at KroeseWevers in the near future?

Also watch this video in which Denise, Jeffrey and Anouk tell what it is like to work at KroeseWevers as an intern and graduate in the audit or compilation practice.

Would you like to know more about doing an internship or working at KroeseWevers? Check www.werkenbijkroesewevers.nlor contact us via We would like to meet you!