Bol Adviseurs

Bol Adviseurs is an entrepreneurial consultancy that puts entrepreneurs in top shape. Our advisors support clients in all facets of entrepreneurship. This includes accountancy, tax advice, corporate finance, legal advice, HRM advice and cross-border issues. The financial DNA is the common thread that connects our advisors from various disciplines. We look at the figures and distinguish ourselves by always focusing on the people behind those figures. With this unique method we can help entrepreneurs every day to bring out the best in their company, in their employees and in themselves.


Bolworking is... Determining your own course and discovering new worlds.

At Bol we are ambitious. To get our customers in top shape, we first get our own people in top shape. We believe in hard work, keeping focus, helping each other and challenging yourself, but also in the power of an ideal work-life balance. One or the other, or preferably both? You can do it at Bol. We call that strongholds. And that's a great start to your career. This way you can shine not only in your profession but also beyond. Ambition and pleasure alternate, whereby the one strengthenstheother. Because if you feel good about yourself, you are ready for a flying start.


We also get you in top shape

At Bol you get the freedom to develop yourself, learn new skills and grow as a person. We do this, among other things, with our bootcamp program, aimed at a challenge. By learning something new every time you can give that little bit extra and push your own limits. You get to know yourself better, develop your talents and skills and enrich your knowledge. You work on yourself and master the strongholds from the core values of courage, closeness and future-oriented.


Are you able to Bolwork?

Are you a student with ambition? Not only curious but also eager to learn? Check out our starter page at  for more information.